David’s back from vacation…and with a new intention.

It’s amazing the effect travel can have on you.

For those of you in my Facebook feed, you probably know I’ve been on an amazing journey over the last three weeks…Australia, Maui, and more. And, as I posted from there, we are just in AWE over the great things we saw. Especially the wonders of nature. For those who asked, I compared Australia to a Dr. Seuss book – I saw so many animals, plants, etc. that I bareIy even realized existed. It truly is the closest thing to a wonderland that I’ve seen…ever.

But that seeing isn’t easy. We calculated after our trip, and realized we had taken 14 plane trips in 21 days. 3 each way to get there and back. And the others hopping between sites that we HAD to take the time to see, to maximize our time.

And that’s my inspiration coming back. Too often in the past I’ve squandered some of my business trips – not taking advantage of the sights to see, too immersed in work every second of the way. Too busy to take advantage. Too often I’ve thought of business trips as SOLELY business – missing some opportunities along the way.

So, long story short…I’m in Louisville this morning on business. And now…I’m off to the Muhammed Ali Center before business gets started today (around noon.)

See you later.


David’s headed off grid for a bit.

Hello there all – forgive a minimum of posts from now ’til after July 4, David’s got a ton of travel coming up…and it’s going to be hard to blog as I move about. From now til then, I’m off to…

Australia (Cairns, Sydney, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Tasmania)

Hawaii (Honolulu, Maui)




Edinburgh, Scotland



See you soon…expect SOME posts from the road.

David is headed to Boston.

Yep, needed to do something…anything.

So, decided today that the least I could do, the very least I could do, was to go to Boston and spend time with friends in over Memorial Day this year. Spend a little money in the economy…if nothing else.

Stand tall, Boston…can’t wait to see you again.

David thinks this pretty much sums up what living in NYC is like.

Today, I got an email for the “affordable art fair” this weekend.

Tickets are 10 dollars.

Welcome to NYC.

David has roaches on the mind today.

You know that thing they say about roaches? How they’ll live longer than us all? How they’ll survive a nuclear holocaust, etc.?

Well, I say — that’s ok…they’ll only have other roaches to interact with them.

And they better watch their back. Because, you see…they’re surrounded…by nothing but roaches.

I’m looking forward to having a drink with an old friend tonight.

And leaving roaches in the dust.

Dave was more accommodating than David.

One thing I’ve noticed about “David” — he takes care of himself first.

For some reason, going by “Dave” allowed me to take care of others’ needs before my own…but “David” is a little more present, more mindful…and more self-caring.

Not really sure what this means yet…but hope to soon.

David’s off to St. Louis.

If you need me, I’ll be at the Missouri Valley basketball tournament in St. Louis this weekend.

Something tells me this’ll be the last one I’ll travel to the Midwest for. Next year, my beloved blue jays will be playing at Madison Square Garden I suspect.

So, here’s to fun, personal travel…whenever you can take it.

Something I’ve ALWAYS been in favor of.

David cares less about blog traffic.

Today, I’m writing this blog post from a conference on social media. (Irony.)

As I sit and hear about how to increase your traffic, and shares, and Klout scores, and blah…blah…I wonder…

Do I really care about the amount of traffic this blog gets? After all, I started it as a personal project about going by “David” rather than “Dave” and blogging about it to learn the lessons…do I really care who is viewing it?

The truth is…ALL my blogging projects (WhatIGotRidofToday.com, QuestionTheDogma.wordpress.com, and the upcoming PrioritiesProject.wordpress.com) — ALL started off as personal projects. The fact that they found readership, and interest, and involvement…was more an outgrowth of the form they took, rather than a specific objective from the start.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve stuck with my projects. Because as I found my voice for each of them, they each found their audience. From social media, or pass along recommendations, or…whatever.

So, however you found this blog, welcome. And let me know what you think — about this and my other projects.

Your feedback interests me, and helps me make my projects better. For me, and for you. So keep the comments coming.

And, as always, thanks for your attention.

David takes a holiday.

As a freelancer, “holidays” are always a bit odd for me…I don’t have to take time off, but frequently I do..if only to spend time with those I care about.

As I’ll be doing this weekend…and Monday. I’m taking it as a real holiday to spend time with my partner. See you all next week!

If there’s one thing the “David, not Dave” project has been about, it’s about taking advantage of time.

And today, I thought I’d share a bit about that from my Brooklyn friend, Cesar Kuriyama.

His great TED talk went up yesterday — and I thought I’d share it with you all.

By the way, Cesar’s app…”One Second Everyday” is now available in the iTunes store. Go download it.